About Us

We at Cake Time Limited are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We got the opportunity to serve our great customers and provide them the best quality with many products. The cake time journey began in 2018 from home.  The business began its journey at home kitchen.

We are proud of ourselves for using the finest quality of our ingredients, taking the most care of our production. Now with the best wishes and support of our customers, we are ready to provide next level food services to our more valuable customers. We don’t use freezing sponge. We bake and make fresh sponge and fresh Pizza base at home. We delivered egg free cakes with fresh cream and vegetarian Pizza and many more Indian Snacks for many occasions. All of our products are egg free and suitable to vegetarians. We only bake and make tasty.

Cake time founder follow a strict lacto vegetarian diet and our products are suitable for all happy occasions.  We are proud of our delicious products for Egg free Celebrations. Everything we do, we believe in pushing the boundaries and things differently.